The Money We Made

by Single White Infidel

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5 more arguably fictionpunx tracks for your consumption.


released December 21, 2019




Single White Infidel Newport, Kentucky

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Track Name: For Those Who Suffer
Enemies I wish I'd made
Naive hopes of brighter days
All the things I wish I'd say
It's too late

Haunted by the words I lacked
Tread upon the beaten path
Blood is not the only pact
But it's too late

Sources of my broken mind
Intent on never trying
Flames across a broken sky
This is no world for men like me

But I'm not well enough to leave well enough alone
As long as there's power in my arms
To raise up the flag for those who suffer
I will resist
I'm not well enough to leave well enough alone
As long as there's faith in the future at heart
I'll journey for you
Just keep the light on for me

Scars that prayers could never heal
Weakness that I can't conceal
Blackguard's sword and coward's shield
It's too late

Searching for some kind of soul
A reason to give up control
But they're just bodies filling holes
And it's too late

Kneeling on the broken ground
No rest until I'm home
Finding I've been gone too long
This is no world for men like me
Track Name: Skull with a Sunroof
Do you feel safe?

What is it you found that day? Ruin?
What could make you lose your way? Some might
say that you're a lost cause
But I need your secrets
You weren't always this way
Whisper what you saw and
I will make this easy
Through the bone and into
the brain

Do you feel safe?

What is it you feel, my friend? Aching?
Dying just to scream your truth? and Failing?
Beaten and discarded
You still have a purpose
Let me show you meaning
Be what I've been missing
Close your eyes and feel safe
Through the bone and into
the brain

Now be my arm, my tightly clenched hand
Around the throat of what makes this world burn
What's in your mind is mine
Through the bone
Through the bone and into the brain
Track Name: The Money We Made
Flags at half-mast
For the bankruptcies
Interrupted broadcasts and twenty-one guns
And the chyrons
Scroll the eulogies
Full page obituaries
Closed coffin and no questions please

We were taught from the day we were born
To make it no matter how
But we all thought that the cash cow had horns
Too late to heed all the warnings now
It all will be over soon

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be billionaires
Or we'll all belong in this oppressive sun breathing poison air
We'll always get what they deserve
And they'll get nothing in return

Playing the long game
Holding the big stack
Watching for tells and bluffing what we've got
It's all house money
Not expected to pay it back
Subjectivist discretion
A topical depression

We were told that the leaders we had
Would make it through no matter how
Cause we all thought they were on the right path
Too late to pull over and turn around
It all will be over soon

Suburban coffins full of green
There's barely any room to breathe
There's water fucking everywhere
But not a single drop to drink

A brief diversion and we'll be fine
Just mind your numbers I'll mind mine
And let me be just let me be
Let me be just let me be

A bit short sighted to speak of who's been wronged
A little daft to think of change
'Cause the last thing we need is to hear what another
idealist has to say
The dawn's not far away
It'll all be all right
Just look at the money we made
Track Name: Too Long
It's been too long
Since I've seen a night like this
With the stars like they're painted on the sky
A different name for each one
Try to give it some significance and difference
Scar marks on the world, we're faking discoveries
Aren't they lov-e-ly the flags we made
Seeking meaning in a sick sort of colonization
Of ideas that were barren in the first place

It's hard work and the job is never done
Turn and face the light of the rising sun

(It's been too long)
Since we gave this one a try
No the message didn't fit
But the attitude was right
(It's been too long)
And I think it's finally time
No we didn't stick the landing at first
But we'll be just fine
They've forgotten or they're gone
And it's been too long

And I've forgotten half the words
And the books are covered in dust or lost
The photos have been smudged out
Still we're piecing together a purpose and initiative
Look sharp so they know we mean business
It's a bitter world and that's how we'll capitalize
Giving meaning to a struggle of our own invention
With intention for impressionable eyes

There's a new wind billowing our sails
So fill your lungs with the breath of thunder and hail
Boy, doesn't it make you proud, but

Everybody raise your hands up in the air
And wave goodbye like you just don't care
You'll be rewarded or unaffected in the end
Either way don't blink because it's coming back again
Track Name: Enough to Wake the Dead
That I thought already gone
Is still here
I can feel it in the night
When they whisper softly
Breathing to my mind

"We are restless, we are angry
we are ready to arise
We have seen the dark within you
Ever brewing deep inside
and we know how simple it can be
to let go
So just let go"

I supplicated to the gods and
Got left lying there alone
If denial was an ocean
I embraced the undertow
Felt the angler's light of dying
Heard the siren song of ghosts
No one was there

Late nights no sleep
Let the moonlight guide me
The invasive screaming in my head
Will never be enough to wake the dead

Anything to stop the aching
in my heart
For the ones no longer here
When they pleaded crying
Falling to my hand

I am restless, I am angry
I am finished with the lies
I accept the dark within me
I embrace this inner night
If everybody needs an enemy
Why not me

You can't give back what you stole
So lend your hand, relent control

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