Et Cetera

by Single White Infidel




This album is not really an album; rather it's a bunch of stuff that doesn't really fit in with any albums.


released November 22, 2011


tags: punk Newport


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Single White Infidel Newport, Kentucky

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Track Name: Petunia (The Zipper Song)
I don't want to let my hair grow-oh
I just want to let you know-oh

That when I see you and your long black clippers
It gives me a really funny feelin' in my zipper

Gimme a bowl cut and I'll be yours forever
And ever, yeah-eah
Gimme a mullet and I'll take you home with me
It's crazy, yeah-eah

I'd let you grease my hair up with mousse and with hair gel
Style it up into a fauxhawk if you'd only be my gal
I'll never ever go to a barber shop again
Petunia be my baby won't you be my special friend

Yeah, Petunia!